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a kiss may be grand...

but diamonds are a girl's best friend

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"Before you know it, there she is 
Running up on you like a fast gin fizz
Throwing away every goddamn care
Next thing you know she'll be doubling your dare
Nothing's gonna stop this little girl
From tearing up the whole great ass-kicking world
She's a dynamic, acrobatic, instamatic human tornado"


Name: Yuffie Kisaragi
Age: 18

Yuffie is still as slight as ever, though a bit more developed- after all, she is older now than in FF7. She's not even much taller, and the only real difference is her hair. It's still black and stick straight, but she keeps it cut longer, a couple of inches past her shoulder. Her facial features are strikingly similar, but she tends to wear a lot of makeup which can make her look significantly different.

Basic Personality: 
Yuffie is just as selfish and daring as she was in her previous life. She has very expensive taste, and is just as much of a thief as ever. Jewelry, clothes, and gil have replaced materia as her new obsession in this life, though she still has a carried-over fascination with the stuff (despite not knowing how to use it). She's a bit more wily and knowledgeable in this life, and less rude to strangers... but that's more of a change that comes with age, anyway.

Yuffie was born to two Wutain (Wutese? XD) parents living in Midgar. Her father left her mother when she was 14 to return to Wutai, and her mother did her very best to stay a good mother and support her daughter. She was wonderful and loving to Yuffie while still managing to make just enough money to support the two, but the girl was quite a handful.

Yuffie spent most of her time with friends growing up, though they had much more than Yuffie did. Driven almost insanely jealous by 16, the girl (unbeknownst to her mother) decided to take a job at the Honey Bee Inn. No, not as a prostitute; she not only worked the front desk, but behind the scenes to make sure the rooms were being cleaned in between clients and that everything was going smoothly. Needless to say, though, despite not being an actual prostitute, Yuffie began hanging out with that crowd, and quickly became less than pure.

Encouraged by her newfound gil source (and ability to buy many expensive things she never had access to before), Yuffie continued working with the Honey Bee Inn until, on her eighteenth birthday, she was offered an… ahem... actual job there. It paid a lot more, but Yuffie was still hesitant, and told the new manager (Don Corneo had long since left) that she would think about it. The manager said to take her time, and that there was no rush- the offer would still stand whenever she wanted to take it. It has been one week since then.

Yuffie knows what people, especially men, want. She's no slut, but she's quite the flirt, and luckily for her most other women find her charming rather than cheap competition. She's got a cute, bubbly personality in general, and she also knows how to use that to her advantage.
Yuffie has a horrible temper, and usually can't hold it back very well. She's also impulsive, not stopping to think about how others may feel before she acts. Lastly, though very deceitful at times, she's a terrible liar. She's become good at phrasing things evasively, but has trouble with blatant, straightforward lies.
Materia Possessed, if any: 
a couple of pretty little pieces that aren't even strong enough to do anything noticeable. The only one that does anything at all is a weak, old fire materia that is just strong enough to light a candle when activated. 


As played by 0angelwing0 in Afterlife
No, I am not actually a blunt, high-maintenence flirt with a bad temper