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a kiss may be grand...

but diamonds are a girl's best friend

May 30th, 2006

um? @ 11:49 pm

so apparently i pissed this guy vincent off because he thought i was pissed at him for being gay but i WASNT. so i think its all good now. i think i kind of pissed off his friend silver though which SUCKS because silver is was? kinda my friend too you know? he took me to that place called the dance or something which was kinda sketchy but REALLY FUN. and now he HATES me. oh well HIS PROBLEM NOT MINE. i am not in any particular need of new friends right now anyway <333 

IN OTHER NEWS. ive been thinking. and theres this CUTE skirt and some pretty earrings that i really really wanna buy lately... but theyre sooooo expensive!!! well not THAT expensive but PRETTY expensive. and i could reeeeeeally use that promotion at work... but im scared i dunno whether i should take it or not. i mean the place is SAFE but it would be kinda... i dunno... weird. UGH. i am having sooooo much trouble deciding what to dooooo...

i think im gonna do it though

or not

UGHHH. >:(

May 2nd, 2006

Making Friends @ 12:16 pm

hehehe... easiest ten thousand gil i ever made! i wonder if that guy goes to that place often? it was SKETCHY as hell but kinda fun!

OH BTW. I MET RUFUS SHINRA TODAY. NO JOKE. least he said it was him and he looked rich enough though i guess i wouldnt really be able to know for SURE. he was a lot more goodlooking than i thought but then again i pictured him kind of fat like his dad so its not saying much!!!

okay im going for now later everyone!

April 24th, 2006

Hmm? @ 09:07 pm

so i finally save up enough for a COMPUTER, even if it IS a crappy one, and now i am COMPLETELY FLAT broke. i'm almost wondering if it was worth it, but this thing is pretty cool so far so i'd say that it is. it's fun.

can other people read this though? because if so, i need to be careful what i write... hehe!

maybe i SHOULD take that 'promotion', i have nooooo money...

a kiss may be grand...

but diamonds are a girl's best friend